Friday, September 12, 2008

A shiny new blog

Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog.

So why is this blog here? About a month ago I decided to learn C# and soon after that I needed a fun pet project to exercise my newly acquired "skills" because things were getting boring real fast (I'm not a big fan of doing web apps and winforms).

Somehow, don't remember exactly, I stumbled upon and in no time I was staring in awe at a CornflowerBlue screen. Next, I looked at a few samples, read some blogs, skimmed through the forum posts, and that was it, I just had to make a game, after all XNA should make it easy, right?

One thing that I noticed is that almost everyone posting in any of the XNA forums has a blog to document the progress of their latest and greatest game/engine, so here is mine. And of course I will make the greatest game evar!!!

Anyway, enough small talk, welcome to my shiny new blog.

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